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Frank talks about his chiropractic care

Barbara’s Chronic Back Pain

Bobbi And Peripheral Neuropathy

Rick’s Severe Back Pain

Paul’s Anxiety Recovery

Marty’s Back Issues

“For months before meeting Dr. Martin, my health concerns were a mystery.  In less than a week of meeting her, she unveiled all of my questions and started me on the road to health.  Her approach is disciplined in gathering information before making conclusions; when she orders a test, it has a purpose.  She listens and connects the dots better than any doctor I’ve ever met.  After my father died, I went four months without sleeping. I would wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake until morning. I changed my diet; bought every magic pill on the market; and I still I had no luck! In one test, Dr. Martin looked past all the gimmicks and found the problem. From the test results, she was able to give me exactly what MY body needed to sleep.  Months later, my sleep is pretty regular; I don’t need to take melatonin to stay asleep. I have not had another sleepless night. If you want a partner in becoming healthy, one who is very knowledgeable and trustworthy, she is your doctor!”  

-Rebecca P.

“I have worked construction for over 30 years, and play a wide variety of sports. In other word very busy. I have seen several Chiropractors over the years. When I met Dr Martin, we were able to create maintenance program the would fit my busy schedule plus keep my body performing as it should. I recently had arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff and torn bicep muscle. I never imagined see my Chiropractor to help with the pain of the healing process. Dr. Martin suggested that we use the laser to aid in the healing and to help ease the pain. After only one treatment I noticed a big difference in the amount of pain I was having. I continued with treatment and it has helped me progress very quickly in my physical therapy, and on my road to recovery. Thanks Dr. Martin.”  

-Curtis B.

I have had chronic back pain as a result of my profession [as a dentist] and the physical abuse of water skiing, triathlon and not wanting to grow up. As a result I have been exposed to many therapies, including spinal injections. I was amazed at how quick, effective, and non-invasive the Neurolase Low Level Laser is. My first treatment: I came in with lower back pain. I had 15 minutes of therapy and left pain free. None of my previous modes of therapy gave me such instant relief. Awesome!”

-J. D. E., D.D.S.

“I have had low back pain for 20 years. I have had two MRI’s in the past seven years. Both showed that I had herniated discs. The pain was in my low back and ran down both my legs. I had One (1) treatment with the Laser machine. During the treatment I felt a nice, comfortable, warm sensation. I could tell a change after the first treatment. It took about a week to feel major improvement. The pain in my legs and lower back have not come back.”

-D. Smith