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Sports Injuries
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Have You Been Sidelined Because Of A Sports Injury?

We Can Help Get You Back In The Race

If you have recently suffered a sport related injury, it is important to  come see a professional who can asses the extent of your injuries.

Not only can it prevent the injury from becoming more serious, but in some cases we may actually be able to make you better than you were before.  

Proper movement of the joints and muscles can help athletes decrease risk of injury, become more efficient at their sport, and reduce recovery times after competition.

Back Pain

Benefits of seeing a sports chiropractor for your sports injury:

  • Faster recovery from an injury
  • Customized care for your specific needs
  • Corrective exercises to prevent re-injury
  • Non-invasive techniques reduce pain
  • Athletic performance may actually get better as a result

We can help with the following injuries

  • • Ankle Sprains
  • • Achilles tendinopathy
  • • Bursitis: shoulder and hip
  • • Elbow pain & tennis elbow
  • • Groin strains
  • • Hamstring and quad strains
  • • IT Band syndrome
  • • Knee pain
  • • Shin splints
  • • Peripheral nerve pain
  • • Plantar fascitis
  • • Back pain and sciatica
  • • Shoulder & rotator cuff
  • • Stress fractures

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Functional Medicine is an alternative to drug based care that really works . That’s because we focus on locating the root cause of health issues instead of treating pain centers with drugs. By doing this we may be able to eliminate the problem for good instead of just alleviating pain.

If you are tired of drug based solutions, or if you want a permanent solution to your health issues, then make an appointment with us today!

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