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Our Approach
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Why A Multi-disciplinary Approach Works Best

Functional Medicine is a new approach to wellness, mainly because it does not address the pain centers. It considers the diagnosis, of course, but also seeks to answer the question, “Why does this person have this illness?” The answer to this question is revealed by discovering the antecedents, triggers, and mediators that cause the symptoms, signs, and behaviors.

But that is just the first step. Once we understand the core problem affecting one’s health, it is important to address using methods that will fully eliminate symptoms and remove the triggers that spark the illness.

Traditional medicine will prescribe drugs to treat symptoms. That is where we differ, and where we can make a real difference for most patients. We are able to use several modalities to impact all the affected areas. This offers the best chance for optimal health and recovery.


Our Approach

The Triad Of Health

The triad of health represents the three sides of our health that are affected by external and internal stimulus.



Structural imbalances in our daily lives creates health problems in many ways especially putting stress upon our nervous system. For example, seated for hours daily in front of a computer causes a weakening or imbalance in muscle function which in turn affects the body’s structural equilibrium. Physical injuries in life also affect our overall structure. A structural problem left unaddressed over time can cause additional health issues as well as chemical and mental stress.


The old saying is true, “We are what we eat.” Nutritional deficiency can have the most significant impact on our overall health. Did you know that the average human carries 3 pounds of gut bacteria? When that bacteria is not functioning properly as a result of poor diet,  it can contribute to almost any disease or condition. An improper or unbalanced fuel supply puts a tremendous strain on our organs, tissues, and glands. 




Our mind/brain connection controls the function of all of our organs. Stressors in the day affecting us mentally can cause elevated blood pressure, visual disturbances, over or under functioning digestive pathways, stomach issues, hormone changes, respiratory changes, and many other systemic health related imbalances.


Being able to apply different modalities to the different areas of the body is a crucial part of functional medicine. Without it, one is never able to recover fully.

Ask yourself this: If you are seeing a doctor who is only looking at one system, such as the digestive system, but you also have dysfunction in your nervous, endocrine and immune system, how can you possibly get any better?


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Functional Medicine is an alternative to drug based care that really works . That’s because we focus on locating the root cause of health issues instead of treating pain centers with drugs. By doing this we may be able to eliminate the problem for good instead of just alleviating pain.

If you are tired of drug based solutions, or if you want a permanent solution to your health issues, then make an appointment with us today!

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