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Autoimmune Disorders

Here is a very surprising fact:

The number of people living with cancer in the United states: 15 million

The number of people living with an Autoimmune disorder in the United States: 50 Million

That’s right, autoimmune disorders are 3 times more common than cancer. So why is nobody talking about them?

That’s because a diagnosis is slow to develop when symptoms seem minor. Tingling in the arms and fingers; frequent rashes on the face and body; sudden muscle weakness in the legs when climbing stairs, Aching joints; sudden hair loss; brain fog….all minor symptoms by themselves, but often they are the prelude to a life-altering illness.

So just what is an Autoimmune Disorder?
Autoimmune Disorders

A List of Autoimmune Disorders & Their Symptoms

  • Thyroid / Hashimoto’s – fatigue, weight fluctuation, hair loss, brain fog, diarrhea, constipation, insomnia, depression
  • Arthritis – joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue, limping, joint swelling, anemia,
  • Psoriasis – skin rash, dry skin, depression, inflamed tendons, joint stiffness, dents in nails.
  • Lupus – muscle pain, skin rash, hair loss, mouth ulcers, anemia, fatigue, chest pain
  • Fibromyalgia – fatigue, sore muscles, back & neck pain, constipation, nausea, cold sensitivity, anxiety, mood swings, brain fog
  • Multiple Sclerosis – hand tremors, cramps, problems walking, fatigue, dizziness, balance issues, frequent urination, blurred vision, anxiety, mood swings, tingling, sexual dysfunction
  • Neuropathy – back, foot, hand or thigh pain, burning or tingling, cramping, balance problems, numbness, slow reflexes
  • Type 1 Diabetes – frequent thirst, fatigue, hunger, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, blurred vision, headaches, sleep issues, weight loss
  • Bowel Disorder – Abdomnial pain, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, cramping, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite
Thyroid Infographic

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 The Western Disease: A Rising Epidemic

Autoimmune is being called “The Western Disease” because of its astronomical rise in industrialized nations. In fact  the number of autoimmune cases has tripled in the last 50 years. Here are some scary statistics:

  • Autoimmune diseases are the eighth leading cause of death among women
  • It can shortening the average patient’s lifespan by fifteen years
  • Autoimmune diseases represent a yearly health-care burden of more than $120 billion (compared to cancer at) $70 billion
  • There are almost 100 different autoimmune diseases now, including Graves’ disease, vasculitis, Addison’s disease, vitiligo, celiac disease, and scleroderma among others
  • The number of type 1 Diabetes cases has increased 500%
Autoimmune Cases

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 What Does Autoimmune Mean?

Autoimmune diseases are born when your body is working hard to defend itself against something potentially dangerous, such as an allergen, a toxin, an infection, a food or other foreign substance.

Normally the body can tell what is dangerous and what is not. But when an autoimmune disorder is present, the body cannot tell and starts to attack ALL the cells of the body, wreaking havoc on the organs.

What Causes An Autoimmune Disorder?

There are many underlying factors that contribute to the condition, and genes definitely play a role. Whether or not these genes get turned on is actually caused by a host of other factors, such as toxins from heavy metals or molds, infections like herpes, and from chronic inflammation tied to food sensitivities — particularly gluten intolerance. There is a significant link between autoimmune diseases and gluten intolerance.

Autoimmune Disorders

How We Can Help An Autoimmune Condition

The most important step to stopping and reversing the disease is to identify and address the underlying cause. That is why drugs are not very effective, they only mask the symptoms. while they may be effective in the short term, they are not a long-term solution, and side effects can be severe. Our process is simple, yet effective:

  1. Evaluate Family History – This will help us determine your risk factors and genetic likelihood.
  2. Elimination Diet To Determine Food Sensitivities – Up to 80% of the immune system is in the gut. By identifying and eliminating the foods that  are triggering flare ups, we can significantly reduce symptoms.
  3. Comprehensive Stool Sample – This will examine the gut bacteria and determine if infections are present.
  4. Examine Blood Levels – This will determine the presence of various antibodies and look for hidden or underlying infections.
  5. Identify External Contaminants – Toxins like Mercury, pollen or molds could be around you all the time. If needed, we can determine if these things exist.
  6. Other methods – Each person is unique, as is their environment and internal workings. We have many other ways of checking for triggers that cause autoimmune flare ups.

Don’t Suffer Any Longer

We know how overwhelming, confusing and scary a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease can be. We also know that conventional medicine is not going to make your condition any better.

Functional Medicine is the best way to identify, address and recover from an autoimmune disease. If you have been to multiple doctors and specialists for your problems and still don’t have an answer, we can help. We are uniquely qualified to help with autoimmune conditions.

Call us today and take control of your health. It’s one of the most important things you have.

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Functional Medicine is an alternative to drug based care that really works . That’s because we focus on locating the root cause of health issues instead of treating pain centers with drugs. By doing this we may be able to eliminate the problem for good instead of just alleviating pain.

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