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Think about your last Doctor’s visit. Did they only give you seven minutes of their time and a prescription? How can you possibly get better that way?

Seven Minutes (the average doctor’s visit) is not enough time to make an accurate assessment of what is going on inside your body. And many doctors just prescribe medications to treat the symptoms. Wouldn’t you rather eliminate the issue for good? That requires a more in-depth evaluation of the various systems in your body.

health-iconThis is the core philosophy of Functional Medicine, which involves a “whole body” approach to identifying and addressing health issues. We evaluate every system in your body to determine the root cause of your health issues. For instance, did you know that most problems in the body start in the gut? The gut has an average of 3 pounds of bacteria in it, and if it’s not balanced properly, this can lead to a host of health related issues.

You need a comprehensive evaluation and customized care in order to address the root cause of your health problem. That is what WE can offer you.

How We Can Help

We are a full service health provider and can help with most any condition. The difference is in our approach, choosing natural alternatives that address the root cause rather than pharmaceuticals that only relieve symptoms. Some of our services include:

Weight Management
Thyroid Disorders
Auto Immune Disorders
Chronic Stress & Fatigue
Peripheral Neuropathy
Diabetes Support
Back Pain & Sciatica
Sleep Disorders
Root Causes

What Makes Functional Medicine Better?

Functional medicine is a “whole body” approach which focuses on customizing care for each person. Instead of treating the symptoms with short term medications, we identify  and address the underlying cause that triggers those symptoms.

Why A Multi-disciplinary Approach Works

Many people believe in a “magic bullet”…that there is one product out there that can solve all of their health issues. However, there are many reasons why multiple modalities give your body the best chance to improve. 

The Services We Offer

We utilize many different safe and alternative modalities to customize the care we provide for you. Click below to see the full list of services we offer


Our current and former patients are the best spokespersons we could ever ask for. We strive to help every person we can and appreciate when they respond in kind. Read what they have to say about us and the service we provide.